Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Strange Activity on Devil's Road - Wilmington

Devil's Road Strange Activity - Wilmington, Delaware

Devil's Road ghostly experience in Wilmington Delaware
Devil's Road Strange Activity, Wilmington, Delaware

Everyone has heard of Devil's Road that straddles the Delaware and Pennsylvania border around Kennett Pike. Last year my friends and I decided to go and check out the "so-called" haunted road. Being huge fans of Halloween and haunts, we researched it extensively and saw we HAD to go check it out.

Two of our other girlfriends were in the front seats while myself and my friend Nicole were in the back. After turning on the road we immediately discovered stray cats and other animals as if they have been stranded for years. When we saw the infamous "skull tree", all 4 of us got out to check out the tree stump. Inside of the tree at the bottom, we saw a dead raccoon that looked like it was cut open. That completely freaked us out. Even stranger, when we had gotten out of the car we had left all 4 of our car doors open. When we left the tree and went back to the car... the right side back door was closed!

After driving a couple of minutes down the road we arrived at the "cult house". We turned flashlights on and shined them out the car window but we didn't see anything. When we pulled away from the house, however, someone flashed a flashlight into OUR CAR! We were FREAKED.

Continuing through the woody backroad, Nicole and I kept checking to see if someone was following us & luckily, nobody was. Approaching the stop sign, when we turned around, a huge truck started chasing us out. We were all screaming trying to find our way out while being chased by this huge black truck that came out of nowhere. Needless to say we never went back again & never will.

-Caitlin S.


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