Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ghost Watches You Sleep in Smyrna

Ghost Stands At Foot of Bed - Smyrna, Delaware

Ghost watches woman at her bed in Smyrna Delaware
Smyrna ghost watches at the foot of the bed

When I was 16, I lived in a house in Smyrna Delaware that wasn't that old but always had a lot of weird, unexplainable things that would go on. One night, as I settled into bed, I got this weird feeling that someone was watching me. I sat straight up in bed and at the foot of my bed was a black figure. It was in the perfect shape of a man. I sat there frozen in fear until the adrenaline  kicked in and I wanted out of that room. So, I quickly got out of bed but the figure turned with me. I ran screaming out of my room. 

A little backstory, apparently as a child, I would complain of the same thing. For years, I was unable to sleep in my room because there was a man at the foot of my bed. I'd grown up hearing this story from my parents, but was never sure it was true until that night when I saw the black figure at the end of my bed.

-Mandi H
Smyrna, Delaware


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