Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Harrington Haunting

Harrington Haunting - Harrington, Delaware

Ghost haunting in Harrington Delaware
Harrington Delaware house haunting

I have had many, many haunted experiences in my home in the Pine Ridge development of Harrington, Delaware. There is a ghost that lives here with us. He is about 5'9, medium build and I would guess he is in his mid 50's. He wears bib overalls, glasses and frequents the dining room mostly. He bangs around and makes crashing noises.

Once, he put a pillow on my sons face to suffocate him. Another time, the man got in bed with my son's girlfriend. She thought it was my son, but he wasn't home from work yet. He turned the water off and on did the same with the lights. He threw my large flower lamp at me which broke several of the globes on it. He used to stand in my office and watch me as I drifted off to sleep.

One night, I was crying in bed in fear. I was turned away from him. The bed covers began to move and then pulled back completely. I thought it was my boyfriend getting in with me to comfort me but when I turned over, it was the man. I scream and he got up and walked out the door, just like that. The list of experiences goes on.

-Barbara P.
Harrington, Delaware


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